Sunday, January 2, 2011

My Calf is Cuter than your calf

"My Calf is Cuter than your calf !"
That is what came to mind when I looked at this picture close up after uploading the shot. I had to use 80x zoom to get this shot. So sometimes I just don't know what I have till I blow it up.
It still had snow in places this week from over 8 inches that fell Christmas night and the 26th and New Year Day it is near 60 F , 
that is NC weather .
We decided to get out and look around for snow damage to the bushes and see What was around...

Dec 29th Sunrise
It was cloudy yesterday so I decided to post this sunset instead of the gloomy shot I saw today.
Ginger is glad we are getting out to look around she loves our walks.
 There are neat mushrooms growing everywhere .
Odd knots on trees 

This frog is about an inch long 

found some cool looking dens ?

Not sure what this is but there is plenty around in the woods
If you know what it is Please leave a comment to tell us?
They mowed the pipeline at the end of Fall ,see how hilly it is.
Come spring it will be covered in wildflowers again,laaaa !

 Today we went out again for a hike between the rains , I really wanted to try to get some more shots of this odd diving ducks.
I am standing here watching them dive over and over ! I am bringing a Tripod and coming in Quietly another way next time . They are a tough shot. I had to do an 80 zoom for this shot!
 When You look at the view You can sure see why they like it over there .
 the white dots under the bushes at the left of the pic above
is the 4 ducks. My camera is at 20 x zoom getting these shots .
Then I spotted something else moving at another part of the pond .
Looks like a Mallard and his mate ... what is that flying in over beside them ?

 The  Great Blue Heron fluffed all up  
He went to check out his hiding area in the woods behind him.

Now it is time to look for a fish . 
See You next time , Peace

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