Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Pictures of some of my distractions

I spend a lot of time down at the ponds checking for birds, fowl  and critters .
I put the video together of some but realized it is a little hard to see ?
So I added some of the other pics too . If you want to  see more just go to

  till next time

Sunday, January 2, 2011

My Calf is Cuter than your calf

"My Calf is Cuter than your calf !"
That is what came to mind when I looked at this picture close up after uploading the shot. I had to use 80x zoom to get this shot. So sometimes I just don't know what I have till I blow it up.
It still had snow in places this week from over 8 inches that fell Christmas night and the 26th and New Year Day it is near 60 F , 
that is NC weather .
We decided to get out and look around for snow damage to the bushes and see What was around...

Dec 29th Sunrise
It was cloudy yesterday so I decided to post this sunset instead of the gloomy shot I saw today.
Ginger is glad we are getting out to look around she loves our walks.
 There are neat mushrooms growing everywhere .
Odd knots on trees 

This frog is about an inch long 

found some cool looking dens ?

Not sure what this is but there is plenty around in the woods
If you know what it is Please leave a comment to tell us?
They mowed the pipeline at the end of Fall ,see how hilly it is.
Come spring it will be covered in wildflowers again,laaaa !

 Today we went out again for a hike between the rains , I really wanted to try to get some more shots of this odd diving ducks.
I am standing here watching them dive over and over ! I am bringing a Tripod and coming in Quietly another way next time . They are a tough shot. I had to do an 80 zoom for this shot!
 When You look at the view You can sure see why they like it over there .
 the white dots under the bushes at the left of the pic above
is the 4 ducks. My camera is at 20 x zoom getting these shots .
Then I spotted something else moving at another part of the pond .
Looks like a Mallard and his mate ... what is that flying in over beside them ?

 The  Great Blue Heron fluffed all up  
He went to check out his hiding area in the woods behind him.

Now it is time to look for a fish . 
See You next time , Peace