Wednesday, December 29, 2010

2010 NC Snow

 These were some of my favorites

To see more pictures I have opened my Facebook album of more snow pictures too. I still have more to come too!
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Peace and Happy New Year

Saturday, December 11, 2010

I Love my Draft Dodger Snake

It's getting very cold and breezy these days.It made me think about the cute little Draft Dodger Doll , I have buried in a box somewhere? 
So I decided to look for some patterns for them .
Then I remembered the cool neck -tie snakes I used to help the kindergarten kids sew up. 
I have some cool silk ties I could not pass up from the thrift store ?They were 50 cent a piece !
hum I could try that? 
Any way I looked for the Doll patterns and found several ideas . Dolls , lambs , snakes and more. I will add a few places to check  out later . 
I think I am going to go make a snake .

I went and grabbed a tie and snipped the thread down to the tag of tie.
If you know me you know I try to reuse ,recycle and Upcycle what ever I can . So instead of using the loose quilting filler I have used in the past I used some foam packaging sheet I saved. 
Here a trick : I used a curtain rod ,wrapped the corner of the foam sheet ( about 4ft long 6 inches wide )  around end of the rod and shoved the foam though the other end. Held the foam tight at the tail and pulled the rod back out. 
The main thing is to stuff it with something that will be flexible but block air. I have read of folks using sand as filling too. 
Remember Most of my pics You can click to make larger if needed. 

Yes  for the record I know a snake has a forked tongue but I was trying to do this quick .   

You can cut off the tail of these for cheap small snake for window draft blockers too. 
Next to try a doll...
Let me know if You try this. Send me a picture and I will post it here too. Have fun !

Here is 1 for a rabbit 

here's the basic pattern on how to make the Draft Stoppers

How to Make a Dachshund Draft Stopper


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