Monday, October 11, 2010

Do gargoyles have names ?

 Our new Gargoyle
Wonder if he will scare that darn rabbit off.
I hope to have more scattered around in the park and yard .

Do gargoyles have names ?
penny lane pansy / maybe an inch wide
We visited one of my favorite gardening store & nursery.
"Dale's Greenhouse" in Tramway/Sanford on US 1 & 15/501 at 2814 Jefferson Davis Hwy
They always have a get collection of flowers. Lots of seasonal decorations , statues ,pots , anything you could think of to make your yard beautiful . 
 The people there are always so Friendly ,smiling while they work and extra helpful (but not pushy) , informative too. What more could you ask for ? Oh I almost forgot they also have Dale's 2 ! With water features and a beautiful water garden
with pretty fish to reap ideas or just take a rest !.  
here's a gorgeous aloe plant at Dale's , I wonder how old it is ?

I had to take a picture of these trees growing with the building!
 I wish I had taken more pictures but I was too busy looking     and dreaming ,there is so much to see plants ,trees then I found my pansies a whole greenhouse full ...laaaa

I had a time trying to decide big or little this year?

I decided on both and every cool color I could find!

Two flats of 24 plants . Time to get busy planting. I so love to press these and here in NC they around most the winter and then up to May . I actually got over 1000 blooms pressed of this amount last year ! Now off to plant , come back soon to see the bulb bed I am planting and trimming it with some of these . Happy Fall , Peace 
here's Dale's link 

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