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Growing iris pseudacorus by seed / Yellow Flag

yellow flag iris close up
We were fortunate to be given one plant .Now a year later , we have seeds too! Here is some great information . I found  at seedaholic , you can get seeds and more info there too.

yellow flag iris

Common Name Yellow Flag Iris, Jacobs Sword

Sowing: Sow from Autumn to Spring Please keep the seeds in the ziplock bag in a fridge until they are planted. Seeds need cold in order to be able to germinate. There are two methods that can be used to break the dormancy of the seeds.

One way is to “Winter Sow” the seeds. Sow seeds in peaty compost 1/8th inch deep, before winter, and place it in a sheltered part of the garden, exposed to the elements. The seed trays then have the benefits of the chill and thaw that it would naturally. Grit can be used to protect the seed and surface of the soil.

The alternative method is to subject them to a period of cold “stratification” for 2-3 months prior to planting. To do this, place the seeds either in a dampened piece of kitchen roll, in a small plastic bag or in a small container filled with slightly moist soil, moss or sand Place them in the fridge (not freezer) Check seeds periodically as germination may occur while in the fridge. Plant out any that may germinate.

Seeds may take from 30 to 180 days to germinate. They must be kept moist at all times: check them regularly and pot on once they are large enough to handle. Grow seedlings in a cool environment after germination

I think we will try both ways.
yellow flag iris

Cultivation: Plant outside after seedlings have been hardened off. Plants require two years before they will produce flowers but they are well worth the wait. Grow in full sun or partial shade and they like moist growing conditions.

Aftercare: Once established these are very hardy perennials and require little maintenance. Plants should be divided after every 2-3 years growth.

Plant Uses: Beds and Borders, Water Features, Ponds and Streams, Bog Gardens. (One of the easiest, and showiest, of native aquatics for the home gardener)

Other Uses: The roots of Iris are used to make natural dyes. When used with an alum mordant will give shades of dark bluish purple to black.

Hardiness: Hardy Perennials
Flowers Yellow in late spring to early summer.
Foliage Dark Green, sword shaped
Height 60-90cm (24-36in)
Spread 38-45cm (15-18in)
Position Full sun or partial shade
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  1. I have a large area of this Flag Iris...once they have bloomed and seed pods have set.... how long do I need to let the pods on the plant before cutting them off for seed....

  2. I have yellow pseudacorus, am looking for the creamy coloured ones.


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