Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Doing a Rain Dance of Joy and Catching Up

 I am so excited we are finally getting rain . It started Sunday night and has slowly continued all day Monday through early this morning. 
We have had record breaking heat with over 6 weeks of no rain.
Catching Up... We have been very busy around here lately. 
 Thursday started out lots of Fun . I went to Pittsboro 
and helped Rebekah with the Kids Day at Chatham Marketplace . It was a blast .
We both were having so much fun neither of us remembered to take one picture?
Then that evening we found out  after 2 weeks of the run around that we can not get
an electric pole to my shed as we were told before ?This info cost $$ for nothing??
(screaming ) So now we have to rethink everything. 
  I started digging a hole Friday  
Digging Pictures, Images and Photos
 I was so mad  that morning so I went and dug a hole to use that energy. 
 Pretending I was digging it for the people who make Stupid laws. 
Not all laws are stupid but some are. 
It started out as a 3 foot hole and just grew. By Friday it was 5 x 10 and a foot deep. 
 On Sat , after fighting with this machine for hours off and on. 
computer Pictures, Images and Photos
I decided to go back to the hole. I dug it out a little more removing years of roots. 
digging Pictures, Images and Photos
 just joking this is not my hole !! 
I did not think to take a picture at the time ,lol.

Then we added a 28"x48"window to my shed back wall. This meant taking down half 
of the siding too. along with framing and all. Then we had to put it all back up again. 
Sunday morning waiting for the rain we are supposed to have after over a 5 or more weeks 
without  a drop ... I planted some pretty things . 
Now I add 20 gallons of good soil with it . Then some light purple bee balm plants
 started by seed heads in a pot of dirt. 
3 large Kale 1  white, 2 purple, 1 apricot Yarrow , 1 large peach sedum , 
3 silver miller plants . 
 I finished planting 1/2 before the internet guy came. Then went out to finish 
the planting . 
It was throwing a mist of rain at me as I was watering my finished project! Laaa 

We ate lunch .Then hung insulation in half of the shed. Which my sweetheart had
wired the day before too. I'll have lots of plugs !! We were so sore from 
hanging the insulation up. Next is over head.
We took a break Monday to enjoy the rain and get rested for the next round. 
It is so good to see the earth refreshed with the rain the air is less dusty.
 Well today we almost finished the insulation , next we start throwing up walls.
I am so sore I can hardly move my arms to type . 
We are  getting in shape ,if it don't kill us first. 
Have a great week and thanks for stopping by. 

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