Wednesday, October 24, 2018

So I have a Mass on my lung, is it Cancer??

Basically they checked my CT scans & asked me what I knew was going on and then they told us there was a lot more than that. 
  I had to send this to my family and support team instead of calling because honestly it also helps me remember more to keep for my memory, without losing my breath & thought talking. 

So I have a large mass and lots of nodules on the right lung and some tiny nodules on the left side (I did not know of) . What else I did not know till today, is the pressure I felt around my left lung for so long that I thought was from it working so hard, plus anxiety turns out to be fluid around my heart instead.  
So then they felt we had to do some looking at the heart problem first before biopsy on lung mass. more on that in the attachment showing what they will do next week. 
Then they asked if I felt any weird lumps lately? I said I felt a little bean on my throat about a month ago. They seemed almost excited . Turns out I had a few what I believe they called Lymph nodes in my throat ,anyway they did a biopsy with local pain killer shot on my throat with an ultrasound thingy and 5 needles , real fun. 
 So I will get a call on that in 3-5 days. 

Then they asked how far away we lived and if we had more time to do more today. So while we were there they were going to send me for a breathing test , on the opposite side of the 3 hospitals . I swear I think it was a 1/4 mile . But after they started talking about putting a stent in for me to breath better (which lol I thought they meant trach ) I freaked . I told them give me the breathing test and I am going to pass it . By the time I reach the other side and saw a man with a trach I remembered the difference. 
LOL the young lady that did the test was the first person who asked "What do you think made this happen?"
I told her I was an activist fighting fracking for many years now and I will blame it on petroleum by products instead of smoking until something else can be proved. Since all this started acting up when those idiots blew their exhaust on me when I was doing Liberty lady. 
 then between the test she was trying to help me get calm before the next ,she asked "So what are you going to do when you get home today ?" I laughed and said i was on my way to the pharmacy for cbd oil for my anxiety. We spent a few more minutes on that too. 
Well it has taken me forever writing this but it did make it clearer to me than when I got home.
So they want me back on Oct 31st in the afternoon and I will need a driver this time. 
Lots of paperwork to read tomorrow, to plan for next step.
Thanks to everyone who is sending me love , prayers and good vibes . Most of all I want to give a big thanks for "ELEE gang " taking care of me . 

Wednesday, October 3, 2018